Meet Kerry Pitchford, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with a passion for guiding individuals through their weight loss journeys. Kerry’s own transformative experience began in 2020 when she encountered Dr. Ahuja while addressing her struggles with obesity. Impressed by Dr. Ahuja’s expertise, professionalism, and compassionate approach, Kerry decided to embark on her own path to reclaiming her life.

Inspired by her personal journey, Kerry officially joined forces with Dr. Ahuja in 2021, driven by a shared commitment to support others on their weight loss endeavors. With a unique dual perspective as both a former patient and a healthcare provider, Kerry deeply comprehends the challenges faced on this transformative journey.

At Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond, Kerry brings her extensive background as a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Bariatrics and General Surgery. Her mission is to empower individuals to rediscover their true selves and prioritize their well-being once again. In addition to her expertise in bariatric care, Kerry also offers a range of bedside aesthetic procedures, including skin tightening, skin resurfacing, body contouring, treatment of spider veins, age spots, and laser hair removal.

With a wealth of prior experience in healthcare, Kerry has served as a General Surgery Nurse Practitioner, Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner, and has spent over a decade at the forefront of patient care in the Emergency Room. Her expertise extends to the infusion center, Endoscopy, and medical surgical floor.

Embark on your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you, guided by Kerry Pitchford and the dedicated team at Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond. Let us be your partners in transformation.

Education and Certifications

Kerry graduated from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Workforce Education and Development. She achieved an Associate Degree in Nursing from Kaskaskia College in 2009. Later, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2016, and her Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner, from Chamberlain University in 2020.

  • Certified as a Registered Nurse since 2009
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certified
  • Basic Life Support Certified (BLS)
  • Certified Emergency Room Nurse (CEN)
  • Certificate of Advanced Education from the Obesity Medicine Association in 2022
  • Certified Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)
  • Formally trained in Aesthetics using Inmode technologies

A focus on patient centered care:

At Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond, Kerry assumes the pivotal role of delivering patient-centered care, catering to the unique needs of each individual. This encompasses formulating personalized treatment plans, conducting comprehensive history assessments, performing thorough physical examinations, and proficiently administering and interpreting diagnostic tests.

Additionally, Kerry plays a crucial role in guiding bariatric surgical patients through their preoperative preparations and providing attentive postoperative care. Her expertise extends to overseeing general surgery patients and those undergoing medically managed weight loss programs.

Furthermore, Kerry offers select aesthetic services within the office setting. Complementing her responsibilities, she collaborates closely with Dr. Ahuja, offering invaluable assistance in the Operating Room and conducting bedside procedures within the office.

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