woman before medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon

What Prevents Weight Loss:

  • Inconsistency with weight loss efforts
  • Not meeting the exercise requirements necessary to lose weight
  • Lacking the discipline to push through plateaus
  • Losing motivation when you stop seeing results
  • Not knowing what foods are ideal for your body
  • Consuming excess calories
  • Hormonal imbalances that prevent you from losing weight
  • Slow metabolism, which prevents weight loss
  • Digestive issues that make you gain weight faster
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Underlying medical conditions that induce weight gains

Our Comprehensive Approach to Weight Loss

Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Simply cutting out your favorite foods isn’t enough to lose weight and maintain the results. Individuals who focus exclusively on dieting may see short-term results that can’t be sustained in the long run. You need to develop a comprehensive, holistic weight loss plan that allows you to achieve and maintain your weight goals in the long run. And that’s where we come into the picture.

Our medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon experts offer thorough consultations and lab tests. We understand the lifestyle factors, hormonal factors, and other underlying factors that contribute to your weight gains. After a thorough evaluation, we determine what your body needs to prevent weight gain and lose weight sustainably. Our personalized weight loss program is tailored according to your lab results and may include lifestyle changes, weight loss medications, and progress monitoring. Bariatric surgeries are only considered a last resort option.

Thorough Consultations & Lab Tests

Your medical weight loss program starts with a thorough consultation with our medical weight loss experts. The medical professional will discuss your concerns and goals, evaluate your weight and BMI, and ask about your diet and lifestyle. We ask detailed questions about your lifestyle to understand your personal relationship to food, whether you have access to the right kind of food, and the lifestyle factors that prevent you from achieving your goals.

After a thorough consultation, we may administer a series of lab tests to understand the biomarkers and hormonal factors that may contribute to weight gains. Hormone imbalances are often linked to weight gains — excess estrogen or insufficient testosterone can lead to the loss of muscle mass and the accumulation of fat cells. We also determine if you’re currently taking any medications that may prevent you from losing weight, factoring that in your medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon program.

Lifestyle Changes — Diet & Exercises

Lifestyle changes are an essential component of the weight loss program. To lose weight, you must stay in a state of calorie deficit. You must also focus on healthy foods that lead to greater satiety with fewer calories. We evaluate your current dietary habits and provide recommendations to improve your diet. We also help you develop better nutritional habits that allow you to sustain the results of your weight loss efforts in the long run.

Our weight loss experts will also suggest physical exercises that help you burn calories. You need to engage in regular, structured exercises to facilitate weight loss. Our weight loss experts will offer strategies to gradually scale up your efforts. Instead of offering complex foods and exercise recommendations, we focus on recommendations that you can easily access. After all, the only way to maintain lifestyle changes is to ensure the recommendations are actionable.

Are You A


Weight Loss Medications

We review the results of your lab tests to understand the nutritional and hormonal factors responsible for your weight gains, slow metabolism, poor health, and fatigue. Our medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon experts may recommend specific nutritional supplements and medications to boost energy, improve metabolism, restore hormone balance, and help you lose weight faster. Weight loss medications may include oral supplements, IV drips, or injections, depending on your needs.

woman before medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon
woman during medical weight loss in Mount Vernon

Progress Monitoring & Support

We offer a multi-month target-based program with consistent progress monitoring and ongoing support. Our weight loss experts will monitor your progress on a weekly and monthly basis, ensure you’re hitting your goals, and offer ongoing support to understand the roadblocks that prevent you from losing weight. We will also modify your weight loss program according to your body’s response, helping you push through plateaus and see consistent results.

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Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond is a state-of-the-art medical center focused on bariatric surgeries, general surgeries, tummy tucks, and comprehensive weight loss programs. Our medical center is led by Dr. Ahuja, a fellowship-trained surgeon with 4000+ bariatric surgeries under his belt. Dr. Ahuja takes a highly personalized approach to weight loss, ensuring each patient receives actionable and comprehensive plans that provide sustainable results. Please schedule an appointment to initiate your medical weight loss in Herrin and Mount Vernon journey.

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