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Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond is a multi-specialty surgical center that offers a comprehensive suite of procedures using the latest laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques. We offer bariatric surgery in Herrin and Mount Vernon, abdominoplasties, general surgeries, medical weight loss, and medical spa treatments. We empower you to reclaim your body and health with minimal disruption to your daily life.

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Meet Dr. Naresh Ahuja

Dr. Naresh Ahuja is the leading surgeon and founder of Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond. He is the first fellowship-trained surgeon to develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary weight loss surgery program in southern Illinois. He specializes in general and bariatric surgeries via advanced laparoscopic and robotic-assisted methods that ensure optimal results, and has performed 4000+ bariatric surgeries and thousands of other gastrointestinal procedures throughout his career.


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bariatric surgery

Lose your body weight!

Depending on your unique condition, Dr. Ahuja may recommend bariatric surgeries that focus on restriction, malabsorption, or both. All bariatric surgeries are performed using laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques to ensure optimal precision and results. You can only qualify for bariatric surgery in Herrin and Mount Vernon if you are clinically obese, have a high risk of obesity-related medical conditions, and if other non-invasive weight loss attempts have failed.


general surgery

Only the best for your surgeries

We offer a comprehensive suite of general surgeries to address the root cause of your disorders, such as gallbladder surgery, anti-reflux surgery, hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery, thyroid surgery, and more. We use the latest laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques for all general surgeries to ensure optimal precision and results with minimal risk of complications.



Treating Your digestive system

Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure used to examine the upper digestive tract. This procedure involves inserting an endoscope (a flexible tube with a lighted camera at the end) through the mouth and throat and into the esophagus, thus allowing the doctor to visualize the stomach and the upper intestine. Colonoscopy allows us to identify and treat disorders related to the colon, and an upper GI endoscopy allows us to identify and treat disorders related to the upper digestive tract.


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tummy tuck

Getting rid of Stubborn belly fat

Tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that helps you achieve a firm, contoured, and chiseled abdomen. This procedure involves trimming away excess skin tissues from the abdomen and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles, which helps you achieve a slimmer and more contoured body. A tummy tuck is ideal for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight after bariatric surgery in Herrin and Mount Vernon.


weight loss

Losing Weight & Keeping it off

Medical weight loss is a highly personalized, dynamic, multi-month target-based program that helps you lose excess weight. Our weight loss experts perform comprehensive lab tests to analyze the biomarkers and hormonal factors that may contribute to weight gains. After a thorough evaluation, we curate a personalized weight loss plan, which may include lifestyle changes, structured exercises, and weight loss medications.


"Competent, driven, and a desire to change lives. He instantly told me what I needed to hear. This wonderful human is my hero..."

Melena F.

"Dr. Naresh Ahuja and his staff are wonderful! He takes his time to answer all questions and explains everything. He truly cares about his patients..."

Kelly K.

"Dr. Ahuja and his team are the best! Very punctual, respectful, caring, and knowledgeable. I never had to wait more then 15 min for any appt..."

Brenda L.

"Amazing bedside manner and connection with patients. Never made me feel dismissed with any questions that I had. Would recommend to anyone..."


"Dr. Ahuja is the best surgeon! He genuinely cares about his patients and takes his time to explain everything in a way that I could understand..."

Monica B.

"I’m very well pleased with the weight loss surgery he did for me and I would recommend him to anyone that’s wanting to get weight loss surgery done..."

Alicia Y.

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Ahuja Bariatric & Beyond is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty medical center led by one of the leading fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons in Illinois. We offer comprehensive surgical procedures, including bariatric surgeries, tummy tucks, and general surgeries, using the latest laparoscopic and robot-assisted techniques, ensuring optimal results with minimal risks.

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